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1.  Is counseling confidential? 

2. What is your fee and do you accept insurance?

Counseling fees may vary by the type of services being provided. Please contact me to discuss the fees. Sorry, I do not take insurance at the moment; however, I can provide you with monthly superbills which you may submit to your insurance carrier. Your insurance company will then reimburse you directly.

3. What are the payment options? 

4. How long does counseling take? 

​5. How often do I need to come to counseling?

​6. What is EMDR therapy?

The content of all sessions is CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be shared with anyone else without your written consent. There are some exceptions to confidentiality as follows:

  • Danger to self

  • Danger to others

  • Child abuse

  • Dependent adult/ elder abuse

I accept cash, check, credit cards, or Venmo.

This is not a simple question to answer. It really depends on the severity of problems the client has, how long the problem has existed, and the commitment level of the client (whether the client attends sessions regularly and makes an earnest effort to do homework between the sessions).

Most of my clients come once a week for sessions lasting 45-50 minutes. The length of time in treatment varies according to the severity of the presenting problem and the particular goals an individual wants to attain. We will discuss this during our initial visit.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy based on the idea that negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors are the result of unprocessed memories. EMDR is proven to be immensely helpful with traumas.

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